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St Polycarp's is 80 years young !

March 2012 was the 80th Birthday of St Polycarp's- we celebrated the 80th anniversary in the same style as the church inauguration in 1932. A solemn service of thanksgiving was held followed by a gala dinner.

The History of St Polycarp's

The year 2012 marks the 80th anniversary of the consecration of St Polycarps. In the 1920's a school house was erected near Finaghy Crossroads to provide secular education for the local community. This building later called The Hamie memorial hall may well be the birthplace of Anglican church in Finaghy. Here from 1930 onwards public worship was first offered & the sacrament of Holy Communion publicly celebrated.

Membership rapidly increased and the present site was made available by the generosity of Mr W Martin.The then Archdeacon of Conor choose St Polycarp to be the patron saint of the church.

St Polycarp was bishop of Smyrna AD 155 & as an aged man of 86 was burnt at the stake rather than deny his lord ?Asked by the Counsul to either "Sacrifice to Ceasar or be burned at the stake" he gave the answer - " Eighty six years I served Christ and he has never done me wrong, how can I now blashpheme my King who saved me ?"

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